• Using Nix on Linux Mint

    Using Nix on Linux Mint

    If you are currently happy with you package manager and installation, it is likely that you don’t need Nix (need as vital need). However, Nix will provide you with some nice additions:

    • Atomic upgrades and rollback
    • Multi-user package management: the packages I install or remove do not affect other users
    • Allowing multiple versions of a package to be installed
    • Setup of specific build environments (hello developers and Docker)

    If you find enough benefits in those Nix features, a migration may be worthwhile.

    Nix defines itself as a purely functional package manager. Here functional is to be understood as per the principles of functional programming. Immutability, absence of side-effect and pure functions are elements of functional programming which allows Nix to have similar properties as a package manager.

    Upgrading to a newer version of Linux Mint, I decided to give Nix a try and write a follow-up blog post.

  • Notes on Diesel, a Rust ORM

    Lately I have been playing around and enjoyed learning about the Rust programming. Today I spend some time working with Diesel, a Rust ORM.

  • Logs analysis with OVH Logs Data Platform

    OVH offers a service called “Logs Data Platform” which helps you centralizing and analyzing your logs.

  • Use Cloudflare HTTPS with Rancher and HA Proxy

    I have my own personal PaaS platform that is powered by Rancher. It consists of 3 cheap VPS from OVH and one database hosted in AWS. One VPS is used to run Rancher, the two others as Docker hosts to be used by Rancher to run my applications.

    On top of that, I use Cloudflare as a Name Server for my personal (leward.eu) domain and domains related to the apps running on my platform.

    Cloudflare is also enabled as an HTTP proxy for some of my services, mainly to easily enable HTTPS.

  • Write a user guide in a Maven project using Asciidoctor

    On my current engagement for a client at Zenika I work on an authentication module that is going to be used by many applications.

    The fact that many applications are going to rely on us makes documentation what we do quite important. So far we used Swagger in order to document our REST API thanks to Springfox and some documentation that we tried to maintain in Confluence.

  • My first PCN ride in Singapore

    I recently received my bicycle from France. Almost a month without riding my legs urged me to have a ride.

    I needed to buy a few stuff for my bike, as I left some of bike equipments to a colleague in France. So I decided to have a ride to one of the Singapore’s Decathlon store. Then, let’s ride to the City Square Mall!

  • My new bicycle: the B'Twin Triban 540

    Here comes a new bicycle

    Did I absolutly need a new bike? Not neccasary… well maybe… or absolutly. I was going on a rampage by owning so far two Dahon folding bicycles: a red Dahon Eco C7 and a white Dahon Mu P24. Theyre were my all round bicycles for my daily commuting in town, doing some shopping, and go a long ride, usually with a friend.

  • Blog creation

    It’s been already some time that I have the idea of creating a personnal blog and website for myself. I finally decided to make jump forward and create this blog. For what purpose ? Do I even have anything to say or share?

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