Road and Gravel Events 2024 (QC/Montréal)

In this post, I will share some cycling events I am interested in for this upcoming 2024 season around the greater Montréal region and neighboring provinces/state.

I am located near Montréal (QC, Canada). While the list is centered around Montréal, QC it contains road and gravel events from the neighboring regions: Ontario, Vermont, New York & New Hampshire.

I will update the list over time.


Presta propulsée par Sportful (Saturday, April 27)

A good ride to the season started.

Paris to Ancaster (Sunday, April 28)

  • Location: Paris, ON
  • Type: Gravel, Race
  • Distances: 110km (Cento), 70km (Classic), 45km (Brève)
  • Price: C$145 (Cento), C$95 (Classic), C$75 (Brève)

One of the largest events in the region. Read carefully about the logistics and shuttle services. There is no kit pickup on race day, you will need to pick it up the day before (Saturday). The departure location depends on the distance you pick.


La cyclosportive de l'enfer des Patriotes (Saturday May 18)

La Flatland à Annie - The donkey ride! (Saturday, May 25)

  • Location: Rigaud, QC
  • Type: Gravel, Ride
  • Distance: 80km, 150km
  • Price: C$95 - C$125

A gravel grinder to raise funds for a donkey sanctuary.

Gravelle & Gravy (Saturday, May 25)

  • Location: Sherbrooke, QC
  • Type: Gravel, Overnighter Ride
  • Distance: 100km/700m, 150km/1100m
  • Price: C$40

A new event of biking and camping. A great introduction to bikepacking. Gravel and Poutine will be served.

Défi Métropolitain (Sunday, May 26)

  • Location: Lanaudière region (TBA)
  • Type: Road, Ride
  • Price: C$60 - C$90 (Adults)
  • Distance: 60km, 163km


Gravelooza (Saturday, June 08)

  • Location: Bromont, QC
  • Type: Gravel
  • Price:C$130 - C$150
  • Distance: 140km, 75km

A festive weekend presented by the CNCB (Centre Nationale de Cyclisme de Bromont). The main ride is on Saturday, but there are activities the whole weekend to enjoy.

Gravel Bash (Sunday, June 09)

  • Location: Morin-Heights, QC
  • Type: Gravel, Bike paths
  • Price: C$30
  • Distance: 58km back and forth = 116km

A ride that starts anytime you want after 9:00 am. Ride along the Corridor Aérobic at your pace and come back when you want. You don't need to go all the way through before turning back. If you are looking for a casual event, this may be the one.

The Ranger Vermont Gravel Enduro (Sunday, June 09)

  • Location: Tunbridge, VT
  • Type: Gravel, Enduro Ride
  • Distance: 99km/2200m+, 69km/1600m+ with shorter rides available
  • Price: $110 (every dollar is donated directly to farmers in Tunbridge to help them recover from the flood)

The event is a "Gravel Enduro" where only specific segments are timed. Camping is available for the whole weekend with activities on Saturday (group rides, 5k run/walk, free concert).

Garnotte propulsée par Sportful (Saturday, June 15)

La Garnotte is a festive gravel weekend with the main event being on Saturday, June 15. Free group rides will be organized on Sunday.

Vermont Gran Fondo (Saturday, June 29)

  • Location: Bristol, VT
  • Type: Road, Ride (Timed segments)
  • Distance: 230k/4100m+ (Gran-X Route), 175km/3000m+ (Gran Route), 128km/1600m+ (Medio Fondo), 67km (Piccolo)
  • Price: $260 (Gran-X Route), $150 (Gran Route), $130 (Medio Fondo), $75 (Piccoo)

The ride will go through 4 "gaps", which are 4 tough climbing segments including the infamous Lincoln Gap (steepest paved mile in the US!).


La Buckland sur Gravelle (Saturday, July 6)

North Winds Gravel Classic (Sunday, July 14)

  • Location: Rodman, NY
  • Type: Gravel, Ride
  • Distance: 150km/1300m+, 107km/850m+, 63km/550m+
  • Price: $85- $90


Big Red Gravel Run (Friday to Sunday, August 9 to 11)

  • Location: Harrington, QC
  • Type: Gravel, Ride/Race
  • Distance: 130kx/1600m, 60km/600m
  • Price: C$110

Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb (Saturday, August 17)

The only time of the year you can ride up Mount Washington, one of the most difficult climbs in the US! Note that you will not be able to ride down the mountain and must arrange for a ride down. Carsharing is encouraged. Make sure you have that sorted out.

La voie Gravelée (Saturday, August 24)

  • Location: Saint-Romain, QC
  • Type: Gravel, Ride
  • Distance: 115km/1600m+, 90km/1200m+, 57km/700m+
  • Price: C$70 - C$110


Défi du Parc de la Mauricie (Saturday, September 7)

Parc de la Mauricie offers beautiful asphalt, curvy and wavy terrain, and beautiful views. This is a great road ride. For the event, the park is closed to cars. It is usually tricky to refill water and food on that route. The event is a great way to enjoy the scenic, yet challenging route worry-free.

Défi Vélo Mag des Cantons-de-l'Est (Sunday, September 7)

  • Location: Bromont, QC
  • Type: Gravel or Road, Ride
  • Distance: TBD
  • Price: C$48 - C$90

100 À B7 (Sunday, September 22)

  • Location: Bromont, QC
  • Type: Gravel, Ride
  • Distance: 110km, 70km
  • Price: C$95

Gravelle du Parc (Saturday, September 28)

  • Location: Wakefield, QC
  • Type: Gravel, Ride
  • Distance: 110km/1370m+, 70km/1070m+
  • Price: C$85

A beautiful Autumnal gravel ride north of Ottawa/Gatineau. This should be a great ride to enjoy the colors that Autumn has to offer. Camping is available.

Gare-Nut Épique : Les Origines (Saturday, September 28)

  • Location: Sainte-Adèle, QC
  • Type: Gravel, Ride
  • Distance: TBD
  • Price: TBD


La Upland présenté par la FLAA (Saturday, October 5)

  • Location: Ripon, QC
  • Type: Gravel, Ride
  • Distance: TBD
  • Price: TBD

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