Reviving an old Jekyll Blog thanks to Docker

I don’t know if I have any regular reader. Yet, I know I am not a regular writer and only publish to this blog from time to time.

I recently tried to publish an article about Java modules. I had difficulties rebuilding the blog using the jekyll build command. Quite some time has passed since my last publication and Jekyll had a few breaking changes.

I could have installed an older version of Jekyll on my system. I find this option quite troublesome. In the end, I decided to use Docker. It allows to “simply” use an old version of Jekyll no matter what I have installed on my local system (besides Docker).

# Run
docker run -ti \
	-p 4000:4000 \
	-v $(pwd):/srv/jekyll \
	jekyll/jekyll:3 jekyll serve

# Build
docker run -ti \
	-v $(pwd):/srv/jekyll \
	jekyll/jekyll:3 jekyll build

It’s not as simple as jekyll run or jekyll build. However it is more reproducible. Conveniently hidden in a []( and []( scripts, it becomes painless to use them.